What do veneers cost?

The question everyone wants to know the answer to: what do veneers cost? The price is set by the trusted dentist, but there is an average range per tooth.


 Questions from the Internet: “What do veneers cost?”

One of the most commonly-asked questions about veneers is the price.

The price is set by the Trusted Cosmetic Dentists so it does vary.

But, for high-quality veneers that provide you a natural smile that will last, you can expect to pay between $1000 and $2000 per tooth.

Factors that go into the cost are your dentist’s experience and training, materials, and the lab (aka the tooth makers).

The overall factor driving the cost is quality.

Just like we talked about in our dental tourism video, cosmetic dental work is not the place to cut corners.

Your smile deserves a good investment. 

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